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AVADirect’s Engineering
Workstation Solutions

Custom PC Solutions for Modeling, Simulations and CAD

AVADirect’s Engineering Workstation PCs

Engineers should focus on creating the best design instead of worrying about connecting to shared drives or how long their work will take to render. Today engineers are modeling, simulating, testing and improving new products before they create even a single physical prototype. From laptops to workstations to servers for render farms, our dynamic team of industry professionals will ensure our configurations meet your rigorous requirements.

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Computer Aided Design (CAD) Workstations

Utilized by architects, engineers, drafters and even some artists, CAD Software is used to create precision drawings, technical illustrations and 3D Renders of products. These tend to be power-hungry programs that need to account for a lot of information, such as materials, processes, scalable dimensions and engineering tolerances that will be utilized in the final product. Software such as AutoCAD tends benefits more from higher operating frequencies, rather than thread count so you can allocate more of your budget into an NVIDIA Quadro graphics card, which is recommended by AutoDesk guidelines. Most modeling softwares utilize similar processes, so the configurations may be quite similar. Contact our sales team with your preferred software and projects and we’ll help you tune your workstation configuration to best suite your unique needs.

Autodesk Inventor
Autodesk Revit

VR Modeling Workstation

Want a PC capable of creating VR content? You won’t be able to cut costs on much. You’ll need an ultrapowerful processor, as well as a powerful graphics card capable of running multiple displays (one for each eye and main display). Recommended VR Ready PC specs from HTC Vive and Oculus suggest 16GB of RAM, however if you plan on working with complicated 3D Files we’d suggest starting at 32GB of RAM. This will allow you to run multiple software programs at once without bringing your PC to a halt. We are an authorized HTC Vive retailer and have extensive experience in creating portable VR solutions, as well. 3D Files tend to be data heavy, so you’ll need plenty of storage space. Solid State Drives (SSDs) are our recommended storage solution while dealing with large and complex files due to their incredibly quick read and write times. HDD’s are a cheaper solution, if you’re willing to majorly sacrifice load times.

Unreal engine
Autodesk Maya

Photogrammetry Workstations

Photogrammetry software processes digital images to create 3D Data and models. You’ll typically see such software used in full body scanning, gaming, surveying, mapping and virtual reality applications to create highly detailed and photorealistic models. Creating this models takes a good bit of work from both your CPU and GPU. Both processing speed and core count tend to play a large part in the efficiency of photogrammetry software. For a photogrammetry workstation, we’d recommended either AMD Threadripper’s series or Intel’s Core X Series due to the combination of high clock speeds and plenty of cores. Depending on which photogrammetry software you plan on utilizing, multiple GPUs may cut total processing times by up to 50%. Interested in a workstation specifically built for photogrammetry software? Browse by our configurations below, or contact our sales team for a quote on your specific software and use case.

Pix 4D
Capturing Reality