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CLICK HERE to find out if we’re currently offering any pre-assembled systems and make sure to look for the “Ready to Ship” badge!


The rest of our computers are specially built for each customer. These take time to obtain their specific selected components, build the system, and put it through rigorous testing. This normally takes 10-14 business days, depending on product availability.

To avoid a negative shopping experience, we at AVADirect highly recommend verifying product availability information before placing your order. The availability information is present on the product pages in form of the following inventory statuses:

IN STOCK – This item is readily available. We expect to prepare it for shipment within a few hours to a few days (depending on the shipping option you choose).


LOW STOCK – This item is in stock but may sell out quickly. If it sells out before your order gets processed, you will not be charged, and we will reach out to suggest alternative solutions. 

CONTACT US – This is a special-order product. It requires additional information or approval before being purchased, so we ask that you SEND US A MESSAGE or CHAT NOW for assistance.

USUALLY SHIPS WITHIN 3-5 DAYS – The item will be ordered from a nearby distributor. We expect that it will be prepared for shipment within that number of days of your order.


USUALLY SHIPS WITHIN 1-3 WEEKS – The item will be ordered from a nearby distributor. We expect that it will be prepared for shipment within that number of weeks of your order.

TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK – This item is currently not in stock, but it is available for ordering. We'll email you the expected delivery date as soon as that information is available from our suppliers.

CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE – This item isn't currently available for ordering and it may not be in stock again. Please feel free to SEND US A MESSAGE or CHAT NOW for alternative solutions.  


Important Note: If the product isn't in stock, the availability indicates the estimated time it will take us to get it from our suppliers under normal conditions.
Important Note: When placing orders for bulk quantities, please 
SEND US A MESSAGE or CHAT NOW to confirm availability.


Absolutely! Our configurators are updated consistently to ensure every part listed is compatible for that build. Even with that in place, we still verify each order after it's been placed.

If you'd like some advice on choosing your specifications, use the Contact Us button to tell us what you'll be using the computer for, and we will provide you with our recommendations.

Components Not Listed

All of our custom configurators are updated on a constant basis to provide as many compatible options as possible. If you don't see a part listed that you'd like to add to your new computer, just hit the Contact Us button and let us know! We'd be happy to research the compatibility and provide you a customized quote.

Linux Choices

Yes, we do. We offer multiple Linux options, however these must be approved on your configuration prior to checkout by one of our technicians.
Since Linux is an open source operating system, there are a lot of hardware options that are unsupported. If you'd like to have Linux loaded onto your build, use the Contact Us form to let us know. This will allow us the time to research the best option.


Overclocking is the process in which we configure your Processor and/or Video Card to operate faster than it originally would have. Each and every component is different, which is why we allow for a certain percentage of increase.

Sales Tax

We are legally required to collect sales tax in Ohio and California. If your order is being shipped to one of these states, it will include sales tax.
If you are a tax exempt organization, please use the Contact Us button for assistance. We will ask you to email us a copy of your tax exempt certificate, after which we can remove the tax from your order.

Special Requests

This is easily done by using the Order Instructions box, located on the right side during Checkout. This information is attached to your order and seen by every department, to ensure it's taken care of for you.

Shipping Options

We offer multiple shipping methods which are calculated during the checkout process. You can check the price by using the "Estimate Shipping" button while in your cart.
PLEASE NOTE: Due to industry wide shortages, we cannot provide guaranteed shipping dates at this time. We recommend contacting our Sales Department at 866-766-4629 for the most up to date and accurate ETAs as possible prior to submitting your order.

Liquid cooling, mining configurations, backordered items, and bulk purchases will take additional time.

Transit time from our location to you depends on where you're located and which shipping option you've chosen.

Store Location

If you ordered a custom computer or notebook, then yes. Unfortunately we're not currently providing pick up services for individual parts or Quick Ship notebooks.
At this time, we don't have display models to come in and check out. All of our options are listed on our website, and if you're having trouble deciding, just use the Contact Us form and we would be happy to assist you.

Payment Methods

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Credit & Debit Cards

Unfortunately at this time, we do not.
We accept VISA, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. All credit card transactions are completed over a secure connection.

For your protection, we screen orders for potential fraud. Please ensure that your billing address matches that of your payment method to avoid delays in order processing.
In order to procure the requested components as soon as possible, AVADirect requires payment prior to building your custom computer.


AVADirect offers financing options through Bread, a financing alternative to credit cards and other credit payment products. Click here to learn more.

PayPal Options

Yes, we offer a secure PayPal Checkout option, and we accept direct PayPal payments. For more information sending payment through your PayPal account, us the Contact Us button.

Other Methods

We also accept Purchase Orders, Checks, and Wire Transfers. For additional information on those methods, please use the Contact Us form.

Customer Service

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As soon as we print the shipping label you will be notified by email. The email will contain shipment details, your tracking number, and a link to the selected carrier site. To track the order, click on the tracking number located near the bottom of the e-mail.
Absolutely! All AVADirect shipments are signature required, so please be sure there is someone available to sign for the package on the scheduled delivery date.
If you're not at the delivery location when the package arrives, you can reschedule the delivery, or have it held at a local pick up station.
Extremely safe!

We start with internal expanding ESD safe pink foam, which holds all the inside components in place. Then the system is set into it's original case box, with modeled foam to keep it secure. That box then goes inside another larger box, surrounded by bubble wrap on all sides.

Looking at hard line liquid cooling? We ship those via freight, secured down on their own pallet. We can even custom build your system it's own shipping crate if you'd like.

Estimated Ship Date

PLEASE NOTE: Due to industry wide shortages, we cannot provide guaranteed shipping dates at this time. We recommend contacting our Sales Department at 866-766-4629 for the most up to date and accurate ETAs as possible prior to submitting your order.

If your order is a bulk purchase or you elect one of our many customization options (custom painting, case and computer component modifications, custom wiring, mining configurations, liquid and other non-standard cooling solutions, installation of custom software and operating systems such as Linux and overclocking of system components) it will require additional time, particularly when combined with each other. Estimated time frames can be obtained before and during the order process.
Our shipping method selections are based on transit time, not processing time. PLEASE NOTE: Due to industry wide shortages, we cannot provide guaranteed shipping dates at this time. We recommend contacting our Sales Department at 866-766-4629 for the most up to date and accurate ETAs as possible prior to submitting your order.

For large quantities or special order items, please contact our Sales Department at 866-766-4629 for details.

Message Notification

Some of our staff may send you messages about your quotes, orders, repairs, etc. You can reply to the message email directly. You can also access all of your messages and reply to them by logging into your account.

Once you are logged in click on My Account in the toolbar at the top, and then Message Center on the left. Your messages will be displayed along with the subject, date and time of message, and the order or quote reference number.

Order Changes

Yes, as long as the component or item has not been physically modified. Please note that order changes will result in a 10% restocking fee for each item that is changed. Feel free to use the Contact Us button at any time to let us know which item you would like to have switched out.

Order Status

AVADirect does not currently have a real-time status indication system. To find out the status of your order you have multiple options.

You can check with our friendly chat bot, Ava, you can click the "Send Message" button below, or you can login to your account and click "View Orders".

If for any reason your order needs your attention, we will contact you via email.

Request Cancellation

You can submit a cancellation request via the Contact Us Form. Our team will view your order and determine if it is eligible for cancellation. Some orders, due to customization options, are not able to be cancelled after they've been processed. A cancellation fee of 10% of the order total will be applied to help us cover any costs of restocking the items you selected.

International Shipping

If you can provide us a shipping account number, or a prepaid shipping label, we can prepare the package for the carrier to pick up from our location.
Unfortunately, we cannot. However, we're always happy to prepare packing information when provided a shipping account or prepaid label.

Technical Support

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Lifetime Support

Our technicians are here to answer your questions from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm Eastern Time and you're always welcome to use the Contact Us form if we're unavailable.

Our technicians do their absolute best to make sure every message is responded to within a timely matter.
Customers who purchased a "Signature Series" or "True Custom" product from AVADirect are entitled to free technical hardware-related support for the lifetime of their product. Customers who purchase a “Mining Configuration” product from AVADirect is entitled to free limited hardware-related support for the first 30 days following delivery.

RMA Request

To return merchandise for replacement or repair, please use the Contact Us button located on the left. Be sure to include your Order Number and let us know what's going on. This allows our technicians time to research the issue prior to setting up your RMA.

RMA Status

Contacting our Technical Support department will provide you with the most up-to-date information, regarding your RMA. You can reach them by using the Contact Us form.

We aim to respond to all messages within 24 hours.

Remote Support

AVADirect can remotely connect to your PC, taking control of your mouse cursor to resolve any complex or frustrating software issues, that may otherwise be difficult to be walked through.

You can obtain AVADirect’s Quick-Support module by clicking the following link.

AVADirect Quick-Support

Prior to doing so, make sure you have contacted Technical Support so they are aware you wish to proceed with a remote session.

HDD/SSD Missing

Of course we did! Unfortunately, due to a recent bug in Windows 10 your AVA system may arrive with one of your storage drives missing from the file explorer. This is usually due to the volume deleting itself when it’s empty.

Check out our quick fix guide here!

Windows Activation

All serial key stickers are placed on the computer and/or notebook prior to shipping. If you’re unable to find your Windows Key, we recommend checking the following places:

  • Desktop – Side Panel
  • Notebook – Bottom Panel

  • Here is a helpful guide to assist you: Activating Your New AVADirect Custom PC

    Problems with Windows

    We recommend reinstalling Windows if it appears to be corrupted.

    Here is a helpful guide to assist you: AVADirect’s Guide to a Fresh Windows 10 Install

    PC Won't Power On

    We recommend clearing your CMOS, which should fix the issue.

    Here is a helpful guide to assist you: AVADirect Clear CMOS (Reset BIOS) Guide


    Didn't Find Answer You Were Looking For? Contact Us.

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    AVADirect's systems are covered by a variety of warranties, depending on the product purchased. The limited warranty covers defects in components and workmanship in our custom built systems for the applicable limited warranty set forth in your packing slip or invoice.

    For additional information on warranty coverage, please Click here for more details.

    Types of Warranties

    We currently offer a wide range of warranties for notebooks, barebones, and desktop systems. Select one of the options below for each, or Click here for more details.
  • AVA Basic (2-Year Labor / 1-Year Parts)
  • AVA Bronze (3-Year Labor / 2-Year Parts)
  • AVA Silver (Lifetime Labor / 3-Year Parts)
  • AVA Gold (Lifetime Labor / 3-Year Parts / 1-Year Shipping)
  • AVA Platinum (Lifetime Labor / 4-Year Parts / 2-Year Shipping)
  • AVA Titanium (Lifetime Labor / 5-Year Parts / 3-Year Shipping)
  • Standard 1 Year
  • Extended 2 Year
  • Extended 3 year
  • 30 Day Non DOA Warranty
  • 3 Month Mining Farm Parts Warranty
  • AVA Barebone (30-Day DOA, Self-Support)
  • AVA Barebone Plus (1-Year Labor / 1-Year Parts)
  • Warranty Service

    Before the warranty expires, you must contact our Technical Support department. We will first attempt to troubleshoot the system to determine if any type of part replacement or repair is necessary. If the issue cannot be resolved through this method, AVADirect will authorize that the system or component needs to be serviced.
    We offer the following options for warranty service:

  • Repair in AVADirect's Facility
  • Advanced Replacement
  • On-Site Technician Repair
  • Refunds & Exchanges

    Didn't Find Answer You Were Looking For? Contact Us.

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    If you ordered your custom computer from us, we're definitely able to provide compatibility assistance for any upgrades. Use the Contact Us form to send us your order number and request, so that we may find the perfect upgrade options.
    If you're unhappy with your computer and wish to return it for something different you're welcome to Contact Us to to see if you're elidable for return.

    Refund Policy

    Unfortunately, we're not able to provide refunds on free and/or promotional items. If you received a promotional item that is defective, or a promotional shirt that does not fit, please contact our Technical Support Department for assistance in exchanging the product.
    You can use the Contact Us form to request a Return Authorization number. Be sure to include your information so that they can determine if the order is eligible.
    As long as it's within 15 days after delivery, you can use the Contact Us form to request a Return Authorization number. Be sure to include your information so that they can determine if the order is eligible. These returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee.
    You can return a True Custom PC for a refund as long as it's within 30 days after delivery. Use the Contact Us form to begin the process. Modified components cannot be returned. True Custom returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee.

    Tower and rackmount solutions which include three or more graphics cards (“Mining Configurations”) cannot be returned for refund. All computer systems containing Hardline Liquid Cooling (use of rigid tubing) cannot be returned for refund. Software licenses are not-refundable. Shipping & Handling is not refundable.

    Restocking Fee

    Yes we do. Since all of our computers are custom built for each customer, having one returned requires quite a bit of testing and inspection, as the hardware is considered used by that point. This fee allows us to properly test the hardware, then repurpose it for internal use.
    Our Restocking Fee is 15%.

    All returned merchandise must be accompanied by its original packaging, accessories, and manuals, otherwise, your return may be subject to additional fees.