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AVADirect’s Education Solutions

Custom PC Solutions for the Education Sector

As technology continues to change the educational footprint, AVADirect delivers academic computing solutions tailored specifically to meet the demands of students, faculty and administrators to help higher education continue to develop and excel whether in class or for online learning.

Solutions for Institutions

Solutions for Institutions

The global teaching market has reached a new level of comprehensive technology applications spanning from classrooms to research facilities to online schooling and learning. To support this new standard found in school education, AVADirect Custom Computers has joined with leading educators at accredited higher education institutions, education dashboard application providers, and professional instructional research firms to build the most flexible systems on the market today. Our sales team would love to advise on technical solutions for primary schools, trade schools and higher education to help innovate student learning, communication and connectivity.

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Our Clientele

AVADirect has provided turn-key solutions to educational institutions across the United States; provided are a few of our clients: University of California – Berkley, Johns Hopkins University, Carnegie Mellon University, The Ohio State University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Florida, Villanova University, and Stanford University.

Carnegie Mellon University
The Ohio State University
Stanford University
John Hopkins University
Berkley University of California
University of Florida
Villanova University
Student Laptops and Portable Workstation Solutions

Student Laptops and Portable Workstation Solutions

In the classroom, laboratory, or on the campus green; students must secure technology solutions to ensure successful communication, collaboration and access to information both on and off campus. AVADirect delivers such solutions for students through its array of hardware configurations to provide students unparalleled levels of efficiency and portability.

Find your Educational Solution

Our knowledge sales team can't wait to advise on creating the best technological enhancements to improve educator curriculum and connectivity in today’s evolving classroom.

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