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High Performance VR Computers Designed For Partners Systems

Gaming Desktop - Exemplar 2 by Road to VR Gaming Desktop
AVADirect and Road to VR have partnered to create the ultimate benchmark for virtual reality PC’s, bring the best possible solution with the greatest value to your home.
Form Factor
Intel Z590

Up to Intel® Core™ i9‑11900KF
Up to 128GB

About AVADirect High Performance VR Computers Designed For Partners Systems

Get the ultimate benchmark for virtual reality with AVADirect’s high-performance VR computers designed to specially match our top industry VR partners needs. Our Exemplar 2 Road to VR, Omni VR and Sixense VR PCs are designed to bring you a seamless VR experience, optimized with premium hardware. Experience immersive VR gaming right out of the box, no upgrading or reconfiguring needed.

We’re partners with some of the best VR and PC component manufacturers, which means all of our VR systems are built with top-tier hardware. Get access to all of the parts available on the market, which means you don’t have to compromise on your build. If you need some advice on how to configure your VR computer, contact our knowledgeable sales team so they can configure a quote to match your specifications and your budget.

AVADirect partner VR computers are configured with NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics cards so you can see, feel and hear every moment, and powerful Intel Core™ processors for the responsiveness you need to run demanding virtual reality games and applications. Easily customize or upgrade your build with AMD Radeon graphics cards or AMD Ryzen processors, with our redesigned online configurators. Avoid stutter, lag and motion sickness with the best components available for high-performance VR gaming.

Each AVADirect Partner VR PC comes plug-and-play ready, so you can connect your HTC VIVE or OCULUS Rift VR headset as soon as you pull it out of the box, no settings adjustments or configurations research needed. Whether it’s your first VR experience or you’re a seasoned VR veteran, you won’t want to take your VR headset off!

All of our AVADirect VR PCs are crafted by experts. Each and every VR computer is built with precision and attention to detail, ensuring your virtual reality PC is a solid build that will perform for years to come. With multiple quality checks and rigorous testing, you’ll get a machine that exceeds your expectations. You can even light up your build in multiple color schemes with the customizable LED lights.

The AVA Exemplar 2 VR Desktop is the virtual reality test bench at Road to VR. AVADirect partnered with Road to VR to design a high-end VR system that pushes the limits of virtual reality. Find out exactly what this system is capable of with published tests and reviews. It goes above and beyond the minimum recommended hardware requirements so you can experience smooth, immersive VR.

The AVA Omni VR system is certified by Virtuix to be used with their Omni virtual reality motion platform. The Virtuix Omni is a VR gaming platform that allows you to walk, run and jump in a360-degree VR world. Now you can experience VR on a whole new level with a VR machine that’s configured for ultimate VR performance.

The AVA Sixense VR System is a powerful and compact PC certified for use with the Stem System from Sixense. Take it on the road for demonstrations or fit it anywhere in your home and experience immersive VR like never before. Sixense uses this exact configuration to develop new VR Technologies, so you know it can meet the rigorous demands of VR.

If you’re ready to experience high frame rates, high resolution and smooth, immersive VR gaming, the AVADirect Partner series VR computers will transport you to a whole new reality. Each of these systems is backed by our lifetime technical support guarantee, so if you ever want to upgrade or adjust your settings on your VR PC, we’re available to give you the support and advice that you need.

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