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AVADirect Custom Rugged Laptop and Tablet Solutions

Perfect for Use in Construction,
Industrial, Police or Military Industries

Are Rugged Laptops Right for You?

Builders today need to be able to collaborate closely and remain connected, even while on the job. AVADirect builds some of the toughest equipment in the industry, always ready to withstand the harshest of elements. Our rugged laptop and tablet solutions are specifically constructed for industry professionals that need additional protection while they’re out in the field. Choose from our semi-rugged, fully-rugged and ultra-rugged laptops to get the most powerful performance and protection for your needs.

Stay Connected Under
Extreme Conditions

Collaboration tools keep projects on time and on budget by reducing delays in receiving drawings and ensuring you have up-to-date data. Laptops and tablets give workers access to plans, punch-list tools and safety checklists. Describe your company, your needs and your business-critical software and our dedicated staff will create a solution that meet your application and budgetary needs, and will handle the demands of your business as it grows.

Rugged Tablet PC
Getac Rugged Laptop

Custom Rugged Laptops featuring Durability and Reliability

Guarantee reliability under the most extreme conditions with an AVADirect rugged notebook designed for durability while keeping mobility in mind. With features like spill-resistant keyboards, gel-mounted hard drives and thicker cases, your rugged laptop can withstand drops, spills, dust and dirt in order to get the job done. Constructed with military-grade materials that are non-slip and scratch resistant, our rugged notebooks keep your critical files secure. Hot-swappable batteries provide longer lasting battery life so you can stay productive during the entirety of your shift.