What is DNS Hosting?

A DNS(Domain Name System) hosting is a small fee for service that builds, manage and provides domain name servers, which are usually integrated with domain name registrars and Web hosting services.

It is a service you will need if you want people to find your website online. Many hosting companies offer DNS hosting, however, if you keep all your website, Domain Name System hosting and the domain names in one place it is easier for you to manage it and to update the details.

How it works?

When you type a domain name for visiting a website, in order to directly get you to that destination, DNS contains three main pieces that are needed for working it properly: nameserver that holds the zone file and the zone file that holds the records. The records explain where is your website, using IP addresses. 

This is how DNS in action looks like — you type in the domain name or website URL, DNS finds the directions using IP address, and the internet loads the website you’re searching for.

How to choose DNS hosting?

DNS is a critical factor of your website’s internet presence  – it matters as much as your web hosting. Pay attention:

  • choose a DNS Host with a strong reputation, guaranteed uptime, high performance, security and positive user’s reviews.
  • a good DNS hosting service providers should have multiple servers in different geographic locations. It will make your website more quick and accessible for clients around the world. By using DNS nodes closer to end users, DNS queries travel a much shorter distance, as the result you have a faster Web address resolution speed.
  • fee/service quality. Free DNS hosting services also exist. These services generally also offer Dynamic DNS. Free DNS typically includes facilities to manage A, MX, CNAME, TXT and NS records of the domain zone. In many cases the free services can be upgraded with various premium services.[Wikipedia]